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St. Augustine Church

St. Augustine Church is one of too many remnants left by the century-long colonization of the Spaniards. For more than 400 years, Philippines was under the Spanish regime. If you come to visit the archipelago, you will be amazed on how the country had greatly adapted the culture of Spain including Christianity. The religion is… Read More St. Augustine Church

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Tourist Spots

Paoay Sand Dunes

Paoay Sand Dunes is a perfect getaway if you’re a solid adrenaline junkie who seeks for an extreme sandy adventure. It resembles the famous Sand Dunes in Dubai, only this is a lot cheaper than the attractions in Middle-East. So when you travel north, never forget to drop by the magnificent Ilocos Sand Dunes. It’s… Read More Paoay Sand Dunes

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Tourist Spots

Punta Azul Beach Resort

For all the glory of the beaches in the country, Pagudpud is one of the goddess’ favorite paradises. Local and foreign travelers ignite their soul whenever they aboard the Punta Azul Beach Resort in Balaoi, Pagudpud. Soak your body in the waves and burn up the flames of your wanderlust! What to Expect when visiting… Read More Punta Azul Beach Resort

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Tourist Spots

The Sinking Bell Tower

Travel back to the sixteenth century and get a taste of what once the ancient and the strength of the archipelago in the South East Asia. In the Ilocos province, St. William’s Cathedral has been gathering dust and history with its monumental baroque architecture and its infamous Sinking Bell Tower. The churches in the Philippines… Read More The Sinking Bell Tower

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Tourist Spots

Juan Luna Shrine

One was a painter and one was a general. These two brothers, opposites at its talents, were so remarkable that they both went down to history. Juan Luna was an artistic story teller and a talented painter. His most renowned work was Spoliarium depicting the struggles and sorrows between oppressors and slaves. Antonio Luna, on… Read More Juan Luna Shrine

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Tourist Spots

Blue Lagoon Beach

If you are a foreign traveler looking for a different experience, something raunchy, and away from the daily promise of a luxurious developed country then maybe, just maybe the Blue Lagoon Beach can help you strip away the glorious materialistic in you. What to Expect when visiting the Blue Lagoon Beach The beach is not… Read More Blue Lagoon Beach

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