Mount Apo: Philippines’ Highest Point

Mount Apo is one of the favorite destinations of mountain climbers as it proves to be a challenge to climb the highest mountain in the Philippine archipelago. The mountain is above sea level and its elevation is estimated to be 9,692 feet. The view from the mountain is mesmerizing. Its towering height and its peak oversees kilometers wide of the Davao City.

mount apo

The Philippines embraced its prominent features and named the mountain the Grandfather of Philippine Mountains. Its origin is branded with a legend of a man named Apong dying while arbitrating the battle of the suitors of his daughter. Several indigenous groups consider Mount Apo is sacred to their type of religion as a place to worship. In fact, the chieftain Datu Manig demanded a human sacrifice to please the god Mandarangan to allow the first expedition back in 1880.

Due to the characteristics of the mountain, many professional and novice climbers aim to reach the peak and conquer the volcano. The hiking activity is very active and popular usually done with lifelong friends and work colleagues. The trip usually takes 3-4 average days and having a rating to a difficulty level. The sense of triumph when reaching the peak is overwhelming and satisfying.

It is advisable for any attempt to climb the mountain is to build personal stamina and exercise before to not shock your body for exerting too much energy.

mount apo overview

If climbing the mountain is not your type of tea but still want to see the mountain, there are other activities to be done and sites to be seen. There are 272 bird species along with the largest eagles. Four great lakes in Mt. Apo are excellent for camping sites. There are rivers and a waterfall fantastic for a quick swim. The environment of the Mount Apo contains one of the highest diversity with a tropical rainy climate.

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