El Nido: Hidden Island Treasure

If you have enjoyed your summer trips in the famous beaches in the Philippines such as Boracay and Puerto Princesa, there is a newcomer in the hall of fame and has been ringing great reviews by its tourists. The El-Nido has been making its waves as it ranked #4 in Conde’s Traveler list of 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. Adding to this recognition has been doubled by CNN when it called El Nido as the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines giving it a place in the bucket list of Filipinos.

el nido view
source: www.elnido.ph

Moreover to CNN’s review of the beach, it said El Nido exhibits the extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem. El Nido is in the province of Palawan and north-east of another celebrated island destination, Puerto Princesa. You can take advantage of your trip to Palawan and book a two-way getaway and visit the two island destinations during your stay.

If you live in the urban communities and grew there most of your life, El Nido offers a splash of white-sand beaches. Choose to either dive and see the coral-reefs or jump from the limestone cliffs (but better if you do both because why not?).

el nido mountains
source: www.lonelyplanet.com

Additional to the design of the beautiful archipelago, you will encounter beaches within beaches, islands within islands home to thousands of marine life. If you want to emerge further in the culture, the locals in El Nido speak various dialects and languages that you can learn during your stay.

Besides its people, the foods being offered in the island are a wide range of menus ranging from the local Filipino cuisine to European, Meditarrenean, and Eastern cuisines perfect for your fast-food satiated taste buds.

el nido island
source: www.leeabbamonte.com

Before you leave the paradise, make sure to take in the stunning scenery of seascapes and wild life which will not need a filter to stand out in your photo album.

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