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As a site that is promoting the tourism of the Philippines, we aim to provide potential tourists and travelers an idea on what to expect in the Philippines and easy access to Philippine tourist destinations and go-to places in a package.

It is not only rich with breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, trademark food recipes and beaches, and historical sites but it also very famous for its hospitable people and never ending festivals scheduled all throughout the year. Celebrations or fiestas are also common practice throughout the country. Each place is having a different kind of perk for celebrating their fiestas. These are some reasons why tourists return to the top Philippine tourist destinations of the country. The cheery Filipino people have developed a really colorful nation. Some Philippine travelers find this culture amusing and would return just to experience it once again.

If you have not tried going to the Philippines, we hope this site will show you how beautiful the Philippines is and be encouraged to visit or come back and see more Philippine tourist destinations. In doing so, we hope you will consider going to the Philippines. For ideas on fiestas, feel free to check out our Events Calendar for more details.

Unlike other sites, Philippine Travelers aims to provide the latest destinations for the bucket list of places to visit! We keep our content updated to the latest trends that people love to go to for vacations in the Philippines. Also, we love to share content provided by people who enjoyed their stay in the Philippines.

For returning tourists, enjoyed your stay in the Philippines? Feel free to send us the details of your trip and we’ll write up an article for you and publish it under your name!

About the Philippines

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. The Philippines’ history is a mix of invasions, revolutions, discoveries, and inventions. It had been the ideal land for conquerors, fighters, traders, thinkers, and tinkerers. This continuous clash of cultures throughout the centuries had led to the absorption of multi-faceted values, tastes, and recipes that in turn created Filipinos.

Who we are now and what we value were all products of the successes and tribulations of our ancestors and that is what Philippine Travelers aims to showcase. More than just bragging about the must-to-visit Philippine tourist destinations, we aim to tell the stories and secrets about the place that was once a center of something important. These sites in the Philippines are worthy to be told to travelers who want to know the Pearl of the Orient.

What makes the Philippines very unique from the myriad counties in the South East Asian region are the different Filipino cultures you will encounter in any Philippine tourist destination listed in your bucket list may it be in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. Prepare to be emerged with different cultures, practices and philosophies that had been molded from local and foreign influences throughout the years that Philippine Travelers will tell you about it. We have all of it covered. Whether it’s Philippine food, tourist spots or cities, we make sure the locals make it worth visiting.

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